It is hardly possible to protect grassland birds on pesticide-contaminated soil

In this study the presence of 664 pesticides and 21 anti-parasitic drugs was investigated in concentrated feed, manure and soil on 24 Gelderland livestock farms (15 conventional and 9 organic). In the three substrates, 134 different fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and biocides were found in ecologically relevant concentrations. No sample was free of pesticides. A total of 116 different pesticides was found on 16 conventional farms and 71 on 9 organic farms. This study makes it plausible that it is pointless seeking for protection of meadow birds on land that is exposed to pesticides, including many highly toxic insecticides which seriously threaten the entomofauna.

Source: Jelmer Buijs (Buijs Agro-Services) and Margriet Samwel-Mantingh (WECF Nederland). Research Report Buijs Agro-Services, Schuurhoven 19, 6712SM Bennekom (attached)