Bees - among most vital creatures on Earth - join endangered species list

Recent studies have shown a dramatic decline in the bee population – with a nearly 90% decrease in recent years – placing the insect on the endangered species list.

The use of uncontrolled pesticides, the continuation of deforestation and lack of cipher flowers (bee food) are the main reasons for the recent population nosedive.

According to the London Geographic Society, bees are the most important living creatures on the planet. Some 80% of the world's agricultural crops depend on the pollination processes of bees. Fruit trees, vegetables and other types of food products, rely almost exclusively on the work these important insects.

Also, as most plants are unable to reproduce on their own, these crops are dependent on bees championing the majority of these natural processes for them.

In addition to their benefits within the agricultural world, bees are the only creatures in the world that do not carry any type of diseases, according to a scientific study conducted by the Apiculture Entrepreneurship Center of the Universidad Mayor and the Apiculture Corporation of Chile, later supported by the Agrarian Innovation Fund.

Albert Einstein said over sixty years ago that their importance goes far beyond the agricultural world, making the survival of the human race to be contingent on the survival of the bee population.

He stated that when the last bee finally disappears from this Earth, humans will have only four years to live before the ecosystem begins to crumble and become uninhabitable.

Source: The Jerusalem Post, December 31, 2019…